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The Voice!

I am soo overjoyed to have been a part two amazing experiences with the Voice! The first was singing behind Brooke Simpson in her finale performance of "O Holy Night," which is was magnificently arranged by Nayanna Holley, Kara Britz and Stevie Mackey. I had the pleasure of singing with 15 other ladies in this moving and powerful performance. See the link below to watch!

The second was a promo for the upcoming winter olympics, where a small mixed choir sang behind last season's winner Chris Blue. This song is so uplifting and important and carries such a healthy message relatable to the olympics and all of us during these interesting and turbulent times. See the second video below to watch this awesome performance.

So grateful and really ready to move with a positive spirit into this new year.

Thanks to the fam at the Voice for these amazing opportunities :-)

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